CVM’s team is what’s kept us successful since 1990.  Each employee proudly contributes specialized talents and experience that allow us to offer high-tech, innovative solutions to customers with all kinds of technical challenges.  CVM is small enough to give you prompt, personal attention, yet large enough to quickly allocate significant resources on any project.

Creative People

bob-cropped Bob Switek

Bob, Founder and CEO of CVM, graduated from Purdue University in Mechanical Engineering in 1972. He held several engineering positions with Clorox, Thiokol, Union Carbide, and Bechtel before beginning his consulting practice in the late 1970’s. In 1991, he founded CVM Inc., quickly finding his calling as a hands on leader, and manager of the company in addition to designing and building custom machines.  Bob has stepped out of the day-to-day operations, but still gets his hands dirty with design concepts and council to the team as necessary.
Toby Switek

Toby manages day-to-day operations with focus on creating a healthy environment to promote sustainability and growth for the company and it’s employees.  He joined CVM after spending over a decade in marketing and business development roles for entertainment and marketing companies and is thrilled to bring that experience to the family run organization and transition it to the next phase of its life cycle.
Glen Garrettson
VP, Engineering

Glen comes to CVM with nearly 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering, design for manufacturability, and manufacturing automation.  He graduated from University of California, Davis in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering, holds a patent in fuel cell technology, and has held leadership positions across a range of industries.  His diverse background laid a foundation naturally crafted to head CVM’s engineering team in supporting the Bay Area’s thirst for innovative automation.  Overseeing the group, he enjoys navigating the creative process with all constituents.
Jeff Rydman
Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Jeff has nearly 30 years of experience in automation and capital equipment engineering and design.  Prior to joining CVM, Jeff has held engineering positions at Owens Design, Precise Automation, Asyst Technologies, and BYE/Oasis Engineering.  He holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from San Jose State University, and a patent in Equipment Front End Automation.
Justin Osborn
Controls Engineer

Justin joined CVM with a broad experience base founded in a passion for automation.  He began his career with the Navy as a technician deployed on Carriers overseas working on helicopter electrical systems.  He brought that experience to the manufacturing floor where he worked with several companies increasing reliability within controls systems and automation, deploying new automation projects, as well as developing maintenance plans using predictive failure analysis to stay ahead of the curve.  Justin is a strong asset to CVM with his experience and drive to be on the cutting edge of technology.
Paul Crothers
Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Paul joined CVM with a broad experience base from years of finding solutions to challenging engineering challenges.  Proficiencies in automation, manufacturing, process and workflow, product design, controls, etc makes him an integral part of the engineering team.
Tim Kirkley
Sr. Machinist

Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Tim started making chips at 15 years old.  Training at De Anza college, then to Nasa for an apprenticeship, he put in his dues early and hasn’t looked back.  Tim tackles the tough jobs with ease and efficiency making him a solid team member of the CVM shop.
Doug Fahrney
Manufacturing Specialist

Doug has over 40 years of experience in the shop environment. He has considerable experience in manual and CNC machining and programming. He has spent the last 10 years managing the Clorox R&D shop, responsible for difficult, unique experimental parts as well as fabrication of parts used in production machines. His duties at CVM include responsibility for the day-to-day management of the machine shop, CNC programming, machining, scheduling, planning and estimating.
Mig and Tig Welding Paul Widergren
Fabrication Project Manager

Paul is the fabrication shop lead-man: Another multi-talented craftsman with excellent skills in welding, sheet metal and fabrication. He is also skilled in fabrication design; competent in both AutoCAD and SolidWorks. Paul has been with CVM since 1995.
Marty Turkington

Marty has been a metal worker since 1972. He is a fine craftsman with a wide range of skills, including journeyman machinist, welder, fabricator, and woodworker. Marty has been with CVM since 1996.
Mike Berezovsky
Shop Manager

Mike is a creative and seasoned journeyman machinist with decades of experience in both manual machining and CNC programming.  He has worked as a precision machinist, tool & die maker and R&D experimental machinist.  His broad experience allows him to lead CVM’s talented shop supporting our customers with quality and efficient manufacturing processes.
Cory Alden
Journeyman Machinist/ CNC Programmer

Cory started with CVM in 2006 as a shop helper.  He then successfully completed CVM’s machinist apprenticeship program, and is now at a journeyman level and an integral part of the shop.  He spends most of his time operating manual and CNC mills and lathes as well as assembling tools and machines.

 Doreen Fanua

Administrative Assistant 

Doreen joined CVM in 2014.   She is your first point of contact when walking into CVM.    Doreen provides administrative support to the CVM team.

 Chad Felipe
Machine Operator 

Chad has been part of the CVM team since 2012.  He spends him time operating CNC and manual mills and lathes.  Chad also helps assembling machines and mechanical mechanisms
 Richard Gomez
CNC Operator 

Richard joined CVM with 9 years experience in a CNC shop managing a team of operators, setting up and running equipment.  A fast paced and efficient worker, CVM’s variety of work is allowing him to branch out and quickly come up to speed on new equipment, skills, and process.  A valuable member of the team willing to jump in on whatever the task.
CJ Tousley

CJ has been welding since before he could drive a car.  He comes to us with a natural talent in the trade, and experience in a variety of shops working on a range of styles and types of welding.  That background coupled with a positive can-do attitude makes a perfect fit for the team.  With hobbies that match his day-to-day work at CVM, we welcome his experience, passion, and craftsmanship.

James Blackburn

Shop Technician

Growing up in a shop environment, James is another member of our team that’s been automating, machining, fixing things since well before he could drive.  He comes to CVM with years of experience assisting manufacturing industries with technical solutions and out of the box problem solving.  He’s an asset to CVM with experience from shop to CAD.

Dominick Luzader

Shop Assistant

Dominick joined our team in the spring of 2019 with enthusiasm and and excitement to learn everything he could.  He immediately added value with his energy and is fast growing valuable skills allowing him to bounce around the shop assisting wherever needed.